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Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus), Treatment Suggestions

Ringing in Ears (Tinnitus), Treatment Suggestions

Annoying Ring in Ear or "Tinnitus" is a symptom of an underlying condition such as: muscle spasms, ear infections, ear blockage due to cold and flu, wax in the ear, age-associated hearing loss, increased blood flow in the ear, medication side effects and prolonged exposure to noise.  Ringing in the ears is usually treated based on its causes.  Tinnitus is the ringing or buzzing sound that no one but the person with the condition can hear.  It may be mild or severer in intensity, and may come in short bursts; lasting for a long period of time or just come and go.  Matter-of-fact, it can be very infuriating, and impose difficulties such as interference with sleep, focus concentration and daily activities.  There may be a variety of medical or natural remedies available, but what brings relief for one tinnitus sufferer may not work for another.  Let's check out my grandparents' old traditions for relief of ringing in ears, using home remedies .

Use of warm salt water solution and ginger drink, were common suggestions by my grandparents.

Dissolve 1 tsp of salt in 4 cups of lukewarm water. (Boil water and let it cool down to lukewarm)  Use a nasal rinse bottle to flush each nostril with the salt water solution until it begins to drain from the other nostril.  The simplest technique demonstrated by my grandparents was to snort salt water from cupped hands into the nostrils, one at a time; while the mouth is kept open to breathe and to prevent snorting the liquid down the throat.  The salt water from the cupped hand is snuffled into one nostril and using the other hand blow the water out from the same nostril.  Do the same to the other nostril.

You may use commercially available saline nasal spray, neti pot (Neti is Sanskrit for "nasal cleansing") or regular flexible plastic bottle with nozzle tip that will satisfactorily fit the nostril.  These bottles, when filled with salt water solution, can be squeezed into one nostril, letting it flow through the sinus regions until it drains out through the other nostril; while the mouth is kept open at all times in order to breathe and to prevent snorting the liquid down the throat.

As well, she suggested to gargle with salt and water; taking the solution down to the throat and holding it in for a few seconds before spitting it out.

Do these at least three times a day for a week in order to sense any difference in the ring in ear. As you flush your nose, you will feel the mucus draining into the back of your throat.  This routine promotes good nasal hygiene practice, flushes out excess mucus, allergens, and helps eliminate bacteria from the nose and sinuses.  Nasal irrigation or flushing of the nasal cavity and sinus regions with salt water benefits sinusitis; helps clear head and ear congestions; and decreases ear inflammation; thus preventing ringing in the ear, if it was caused due to ear canal blockage or obstruction with mucus.

Grandparents also made consomme by boiling 4 cups of water with 2 tsp of crushed ginger.  Boil it for 10 minutes and then let it steep for 15 more minutes.  Strain and drink the liquid; a cup each with honey at least three times a day.  This should help reduce the swelling of the inner ear and help decrease the Tinnitus Ringing in Ear.  With some tinnitus sufferers, the intensity of ringing in the ear may also be reduced by gentle exercise of head, shoulder, tongue, jaw and eye movements.  Try these readily available home remedies to eliminate Tinnitus Ringing in the Ear!

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