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Nail Fungus, Fungal Toenail Causes and Treatments

Nail Fungus, Fungal Toenail Causes and Treatments

Common causes of fungal nail infection and changes in fingernail or toenail are due to trauma, aging, infection and diseases.  Nail fungal infection (Onychomycosis) is "ringworm of the nail".  This condition may affect toenails or fingernails; toenail infections being predominantly common.  Common fungal toenail and fingernail symptoms are: brittleness, roughness, dryness, color change, inflammation around the namil, lifting of the nail plate from the nail bed and deformed looking; as well, may  give terrible itching sensation and an awful odor which can be very embarrassing.  Vertical ridging and brittle nails are common signs of aging. Depending on the severity of the infection, the nails may separate from the nail bed.  Treatment of nail fungus can be challenging because the infection is usually embedded inside the nail and becomes difficult to reach the infectivity.  As a result, healing of fungal symptoms is very slow and may take several months.  There are different types of nail fungus and laboratory diagnosis may be necessary.  My grandparents had a quick reach kitchen cabinet remedy for nail fungal infections care.  Take advantage of other links on this site for information on nail problems, treatment, care and infection. Check it out and get your nails back in shape.

The natural approaches my grandparents left behind were with apple cider vinegar and camphor.

Take a large bowl of warm water, enough to soak your whole feet; mix apple cider vinegar with an equal part of warm water.  Soak the infected feet or nail with fungus in the mixture for about 15-20 minutes.  Gently scrub and clean around the affected areas with soft towel to get rid of dead skins.  Thoroughly, pat dry the infected nails, leaving no moisture behind.  Let the nails dry and breathe on its own for about 10-15 minutes and then apply camphor oils. Dissolve a cube of camphor in half a cup of olive oil or mineral oil by heating it.  Let it cool down and apply sparingly to the infected areas.  This will reduce the itchiness and prevent fungal infections from smelly discharge.  You may also apply menthol or eucalyptus oil.  Preferably, repeat this process at least three times daily; and depending on the severity of the fungal infection, continue for several months.  Treatment before bedtime will provide a speedy recovery.  This remedy is effective but needs to be applied daily for prolonged periods, to kill the fungus in the nail bed.  Continue doing this until fungal infection goes away.  You will see the amazing result within a few weeks.  These are excellent home remedies and do wonders!

Apple cider vinegar, rich in enzymes and potassium; and with its natural antibiotic properties fights germs and helps prevent fungal infections, itching and sooths skin. Fungi naturally do not survive in acidic surroundings.   Camphor with its chemical properties, seems to help stimulate nerve endings, relives itching and treats fungal infections of the nails.

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