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Foot Fungal Infections can give a horrible odor

Foot Fungal Infections can give a horrible odor

There are various types and reasons for foot fungal infections.  The commonly caused athlete's foot fungal infection called Trichophyton can give terrible itching sensation and an awful odor which can be very embarrassing.  Fungal infections occur primarily when the feet or other body parts such as scalp, hands, nails, groins, trunk under the breast and so on stay moist, warm and aggravated.  My grandparents took extra precautions to athlete's foot fungus and if not treated in time, the fungal infections may spread to the bottom and top of the feet.  Us being active in sports, we didn't have to go far, my grandparents had a quick reach kitchen cabinet remedy for foot fungal infections care.

The natural approaches my grandparents left behind were with apple cider vinegar, camphor and honey.

Add half a cup of apple cider vinegar in a large bowel or tub with warm water; enough to soak your feet.  Soak your feet or infected area for about 10 - 15 minutes.  Gently scrub the affected areas with soft towel to get rid of dead skins.  Pat dry thoroughly leaving no moisture behind.  Let it dry on its own for a few more minutes and then apply perfume-free moisturizer.  My grandparents' suggested using homemade camphor oil.  Dissolve a cube of camphor in half a cup of olive oil or mineral oil by heating it.  Let it cool down and apply sparingly to the infected areas.  This will reduce the itchiness and prevent fungal infections from smelly discharge.  Do this in the morning and evening, before bed time. Also, consume 2 tsp of pure honey, 4 times daily. Continue doing this until fungal infection goes away.  I was amazed with the result within a few weeks.  These are excellent home remedies and do wonders!

My grandparents envisioned a future with natural cures and they explained the following in their own workds:

Apple cider vinegar, rich in enzymes and potassium; and with its natural antibiotic properties fights germs and helps prevent fungal infections, itching and sooths skin.  Honey is the oldest natural sweetener; with its amazing antiseptic, antioxidant and healing properties it offers an incredible benefits to our body and health.

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